What are the most unusual rules in sport and other activities?


Polo Match

Often in life there are rules that we have to follow, and when it comes to games, this is also the case. From football and tennis to ice skating and athletics, sportsmen and women all need to follow the rules of the game, and if they don’t, this can cause them to lose points, be sent off or even forfeit their place in the competition. So, why are there so many rules, and what are the most intriguing rules to note?


Members of the Royal family (Princes Harry and William in particular) are huge fans of polo. However, did you know that players can only use a certain hand during matches? According to the Federation of International Polo rules, players are only allowed to play with the polo stick in their right hand. Therefore, if you were to accidentally or purposely play with your left hand, you would be deemed as breaking the rules.

Riverside Casino

All or nothing

You can learn the rules of poker in a matter of minutes, but to master the strategic skills behind the game can take a lifetime. Did you know that certain things are believed to be poor etiquette in poker? One example of these specific rules is that players are not allowed to ‘cash out’ less than their entire stack of poker chips. Instead, players must decide whether or not to cash out all of their chips or nothing at all.

One of the most intriguing games for casino visitors to play is Texas Hold ’em, which has become the world’s most popular poker game. Whether you are a casino employee, a poker professional or perhaps playing for the first time, you may want to familiarise yourself with the Texas Hold ’em rules.

Did you know that Texas Hold ’em has four different variations? They include both Limit Texas Hold ’em and No-Limit Texas Hold ’em, as well as Pot Limit Texas Hold ’em and Mixed Texas Hold ’em. All games have similar intriguing terminology, and you can expect to hear phrases like fold, check, raise and call, amongst others.

The six-second rule

When it comes to football, we all think we know the most famous rule of all—the offside rule. However, did you know that goalkeepers can’t hold on to the football for more than six seconds? If they do, then their opponents are awarded an indirect free kick.

You can leave your hat on

Many tennis players wear a hat to shade their eyes from the glaring sun. But did you know that they can’t take off their hat during a game? Believe it or not, ensuring that your hat stays on during the game and is not removed is an actual rule in tennis. One time this was showcased was back in 2012 at the US Open, when Andy Murray’s hat flew off in the middle of a game. Despite this being completely accidental, he was deemed as having ‘broken the rules’ and was subsequently forced to replay the point.


Do you think chess is an easy-going game? Think again—there are still rules to adhere to. In fact, one rule is known as the anti-cleavage rule, whereby female players must not have more than the ‘second from the top’ buttons open whilst competing.

There are lots of rules in the different games that we play, but they are all there for a reason. From protecting the integrity of the game to ensuring fair play, we all need to acknowledge and stick to the rules at hand. What is the most unusual rule that you have seen in sport?