Terms of works execution

Offer, terms of performance of the consulting services

A consulting proposal is a document that accompanies your primary contact and is a prerequisite in the preparation of the cooperation agreement of the consultant and the client. Consulting proposals are a component of the sales process, and marketing consulting. The proposals reflect own vision consultant production perspective the client organization and preliminary ways to solve certain tasks with the approximate profitability positive effect.


Client-the client pays the consultant costs associated with the move, food, accommodation (hotel or apartment) and transportation from place of residence to the work object. At the conclusion of the transaction can be signed written agreement for consulting services or reached a verbal agreement.

Consulting services

Here you will find casino surveillance consulting services that reach accord international standards. Here would be directed options for ordering it. We hope that it can be pretty useful and interesting for anyone.

Corresponding consultations

You may order consulting instructions. The service is only available in Russian at present.

Cooperation in creating first International Surveillance Information Network (SIN) within the CIS countries

Our web portal is going to create a first for the CIS countries, a Surveillance Information Network (SIN) structure. Its uses will be for exchange of experience’s and surveillance division’s data between casinos in a city or many cities and even countries.

Booking Publications

Here we present most important and useful articles for order Please, take a look at the list of themes. Most of the articles contain the information undisairable for public preview. Because it touching casino security and illegal crime, law, enforcement bodies, government and public agents. activities. The purpose is to essentially increase overall performance of a casino through shared information.

Advertising and Publishing in Russian gaming and security printing and electronic media 

Would you like post  advertising your services or products in Russian media, websites? Email to us.

Advertising and Publishing in website 

Would you like post important information,articles, links, classifieds, advertising info, banners? Just email to us.

NEW. Internet web cooperation between gaming and security web projects

We look forward to cooperate with other gaming and security thematic websites in information exchanging, promoting and advertising area.