Murphy’s Law


Author: Jim Goding (Las-Vegas, USA)
Russian translation: Vadym Barsukov (Ukraine)

There is a “law” of the universe, known as “Murphy’s Law,” which is especially important to us in Surveillance.
This law is very simple: Anything that can go wrong, will.
In a Surveillance Room, there are many applications.
If your MegaBucks VCR dies and you don’t know about it or don’t report it to Slots Department, someone will hit it or attempt to cheat it on your shift.
If you don’t have a Crap game up, someone will steal chips from a player’s rack.
If your wheel camera is out of focus, the dealer will mis-mark a number when there are six players, all of them placing multiple bets all over the layout. If you have used the camera for another game, someone past-posts.
If a tape gets snagged in a Cage VCR, a customer will question a cash-out on that window.

There is no explanation for this phenomenon. It just happens.
The only thing you can do about it is to do your job and don’t miss the details.
Make sure the cameras are trained and focused on the tables and areas you think they are.
Check your VCRs frequently to ensure they are in fact recording.
Never waste VCR time on closed games or inactive areas when games are open.
Keep as many games recording as you possibly can, and be sure that everything that should be covered on a game, is.
Report difficulties when required so they can be fixed.
If you don’t do these things, they will come back and bite you.

Copyright original English version © 1998, 2002 by Jim Goding;
Copyright translated version in Russian © 2003 by Vadym Barsukov.
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