Gambling Terms


We present to your attention the list of gambling terminology. The list is the result of the gathering work of the author of the e-book “All about casino surveillance” by Vadym Barsukov.
This information is taken and presented from this e-book, with the consent of the author.
You can get acquainted with the terms on the website or download them for free in PDF file format.

Basic gambling terminology

(293 terms, 15 pages, A4)

86 is a Slang word meaning “no input” the position of the player. The player banned from the casino. In America, the term “86” means that a player is not allowed or permitted to enter the casino.
ACTION (action) The amount of money running in the game. In Poker the amount of money in the pot. The amount of money in the game.
ACTION JACKSON is the Player who plays at the casino day and night.
The ACTIVE PLAYER (the Active player) One player who continues to bet.
AGENT (Agent) 1) the Player is a cheater, working in cahoots with a casino dealer or other employees of the institution. (2) the Person who for the corruption money or Commission “recruiting” employees for the organization of foul play. (3) an Accomplice.
ALL-IN (Game broke) Rate “VA-Bank” ie put all the player has to deliver.
ANCHOR MAN Player in blackjack, occupying the right of the dealer place or a seat at the table.
ANTE (Ante) In Poker a small box on the table for the ante, which is before the next hand.
BAD BEAT Situation, when the high hand in the hand beats even higher. Example: “full house” beats a “full house” above cost.
BANKROLL (Bank) Total amount of money of the player is designed to play.
BANKER (Banker) In card games, the dealer or the players who take bets from other players on the table. In Pai Gow Poker the player who leads the game with other bettors.
BASE DEALER is a liar and a crook who deals the cards from the bottom (from the bottom) of the deck.
BASIC STRATEGY (Basic, basic strategy) black Jack. The strategy of the game, optimizing the advantage of the player in front of the casino. This strategy indicates the recommended decision of the player depending on the cards dealt to the players and the dealer. There are computer simulators strategies and variations of strategies depending on the variety of accepted rules and the number used in the game decks.
BEARD Player who makes a bet for another player (often rogue), which is usually not interested to be recognized or disclosed.
BEE CARDS Card well-known manufacturer of playing cards, The Playing Card Company. Shirt these cards are usually made up of diamond.
BEEF Problem, the incident.
BET, WAGER (Bet, bet) Bet
BETTING LIMITS (Limit stud) In games on the tables, the minimum and maximum amount of money allowed to be put on a single bet. Not allowed to bet more or less than the specified maximum and minimum bet size.
BINGO MARKER (Bingo marker) Chalk, or ink, which mark published, the covered numbers on the bingo cards.
BITE the player’s Request to grant him a loan.
BLACK (Black) Black chips (chips, tokens), usually a value of 100 (dollars, hryvnia, rubles, etc.). According to international standards.
BLACK JACK is a Popular card game in casinos and private life. The object of the game for players is to beat the Bank, reaching the most points in the distribution, not exceeding, (not exhausting) value above 21. Also a winning combination of two cards in this game, consisting of the ACE and the cards component 10 points.
BLIND BET (BET “blind”) Bets made by poker players, according to the rules. For example, if “exposure” can only be played on one box, then the rest are allowed to play only in “blind”. A bet placed before the cards are dealt. For example, in Texas Hold’em player left of the dealer must make a small blind bet (half the minimum bet) and the next player must make a reciprocal blind bet (the minimum bet), at the time, as the other players do not.
BLISTER Thin stripped the label on the shirt cards. The scammer may feel the label at the time of distribution of the deck, keeping the cards in his hand. In this situation, the dealer, the player or the dealer always has the choice of the distribution of different cards.
BLOCK OUT WORK (Lock, shade, shade) the Method of marking the cards “interlocking” (“dimming”, “separating”) the part of a drawing card.
BLUFF (Bluff) In Poker, players bluff when raising a bet with bad cards in hopes that the players with the best cards will give up and exit the game.
BOARD (Board) In Poker, the community cards placed face up in the center of the table takes us on the “board.”
BOAT (Boat, ship) Another term meaning “full house”.
BREAK-EVEN POINT The break-even point is a situation where in the course of the game, your bet will approximately be offset by the amount of the payment.
BREAK-IN DEALER Dealer who is still undergoing training, training, but it works, doing it on the casino floor.
BRICKS Cleaned up, mild game cubes (dice). The same thing, and flats.
BRING-IN IN seven card Stud Poker is a forced bet that a player makes with the lowest top card in the first round of bets.
BROADWAY (“Broadway”) Poker slang. Meaning, the card combination “straight” with the highest card an ACE.
BROAD TOSSER the Man who uses deception, the three card monte (the top three cards). A slang word to mean tassovsky of a deck of cards using the cards of a wider size than others.
BROADS Slang of the 19th century, meaning cards made somewhat wider in size than other common cards.
BUCK Bet $100
BUG Joker
BUMP Raising, rate increases (To raise)
BUNCO Slang. Trick or scheme that deceives people into organised activities. This term is closely linked to another term or word “banco”.
BURN CARD (“the Burned card”) In card games, the card temporarily removed from the game. After the shuffle or cut the deck one or several cards lay on the bottom of the deck or in the crash barrier. Such a map is called the “burnt map”.
JOINT BURN Slang meaning casino with nearly unbeatable rules.
BUST (Bust) In black Jack, bust more than 21 points and of course losing.
BUST OUT DEALER or STREAK-BREAKER Clever dealer employed by the casino or a night club. This dealer is part of the game in order to save casino from a troubled visitor to the casino or to ensure that a major player will leave without winning or winning big. Also this dealer is called: a streak-breaker.
It is unlikely in reality that a dealer can be called clever, but many people believe that this is possible and call the dealers “happy,” “lucky” etc.
BUST OUT JOINT Dodgers Elite games, usually in the gambling clubs with gaming tables where croupiers are trained liars or scammers.
BUTTON (Button, button) In Poker, a small plastic disc used as a marker, which moves from player to player after each hand to determine.
C-NOTE Bill of $100.
CALL (“Answer” or “to Shout”)
In Poker, when a player puts “response” puts on the table. Keno or Bingo, is the process of drawing and announcement of numbers.
CALLER In the Bingo game, the person who is responsible for the stretching and ads balls. The person who “yells” room. In poker, the one who “answered” rate.
СAPPING Form of cheating, discreetly when added, puts the chip up standing stack of chips (stake).
CARD COUNTING (card counting)
Any method of measuring, counting, remembering the sequence of cards played from the beginning of the game after the shuffle (shuffling) until they quit the game. Card account is not considered a form of fraud, although the accounts are not encouraged or prohibited.
CARD MECHANIC (gearhead Card) Card fraud, using juggling tricks, sleight of hand.
CARD SHARP A man, a specialist, professional cards.
CAROUSEL (“Carousel”) A group of slot machines that are located in the ring, allowing the person supervising the work of machines to stand in the center of the ring.
CASINO NIGHTS Entertainment casino. Usually organized to create a certain Fund or sweat. Can still have different names: Vegas Nights, Las Vegas Nights, Monte Carlo Nights.
CASHIER’S CAGE CASH DESK (Cash cage) Place in the casino where players can exchange their casino chips to be changed for cash and Vice versa.
CASINO ADVANTAGE (house edge) The extreme level advantage that casino has over the players.
CASINO RATE (bit width, level of the casino) The precision level of the casino. Reduced living room, which casinos offer good customers. VIP hall.
CATCH (“Fishing”) In Keno, to catch a number means that was pulled one of the numbers that you noted in your ticket. Also similar in other games.
CHECK In gambling, the term is used as another name for chips. What chip, chip, chip. In Poker, the player may “check” (“check”) in the prescribed manner of the card. This means that the player stops betting and “check” card.
CHECKS the same as chips, tokens.
CHIPS (Chips) Flat chips, the chips used on gaming tables in the casino and exchanged for cash.
CHIP CUP a Fraudulent device used to conceal chips high cost. Normally this device looks like a hollowed out pipe, simulating a stack (stack) of cheap chips. The deceiver can steal chips with the help of a bribed dealer, asking him to exchange the fake chips for real and bet. This fraud is most prevalent in the game Craps.
CHIP TRAY (Chip tray) The box in front of the dealer, which holds the chips and play equipment. Also called FLOT.
CM Reduction Casino Manager. The casino Manager.
COLD A player on a losing streak or a slot machine, which does not pay.
COLD DECK a Deck of cards spread out meets or a special way before the game and out of game at the end. The expression means that the deck is “cold” as it was not used until it is run in the game.
COLOR UP When the player changes the small denomination chips for chips of larger dignity.
COMBINATION WAY TICKET (The ticket with additional combinations of numbers) In Keno, a ticket in which groups several special different numbers can also be bet (allows the player to make more bets, to cover more combinations).
COMPS (Complimentary) The gifts of courtesy or hospitality, are used in the casino to attract more players. Typical gifts can be a free room, food, drinks.
COOLER The same as cold deck.
COOLER MOVE a Maneuver replace the deck for a cooler.
COP Cm. Gambler’s cop.
COPY (Copy) In Pai Gow Poker when the player and banker have the same two cards in hand or cards of the same value five-card hand. The banker wins all copies.
CRAPS (Craps) Is a game with two dice.
CREDIT BUTTON (Button credits) In slot machines or video machines, the button that allows the player to manage the running coins in the form of loans.
CROSSROADER IN the old terminology, the term fraudsters who arrived from the Old world and practicing fraud in the saloons along the roads of America. This expression is still used to refer to crooks seriously beating the casino.
CROUPIER (Dealer) the French word is the same as the dealer. Also used for names of dealers on roulette or Baccarat.
CUT (Cutting, trimming, pruning)
When a player divides a deck into two parts, it is inserted into the plastic plate (cut Board) after the deck is thoroughly shuffled.
CUT CARD (Cat card, cutting card, bookmark)
Card of any colour that are used to cut decks of cards.
DAUB Substance, lubricant, ointment used by fraudsters for inconspicuous tagging of cards, label on the reverse side of the card – a shirt, usually during the course of the game.
DEADWOOD Folded wagered cards.
DEAL The distribution of cards.
DEALING A BLISTER Technique dealing the cards the dealer associated with the release of the marked cards, called the blister. The deceiver is able to feel and recognize the map, marked with peeled or ledge on the map (blister) and give a desired card using a technique of distribution of the second card.
BASE Distribution DEALING cards from the bottom of the deck. Cm. base dealer.
DESIGNATED DEALER (the designated dealer)
In poker games such as Texas Hold’em, the player left of the dealer makes the first bet. The poker room the game is permanent dealer, and any player may perform the functions of designated dealer, leading and serving each hand.
DEUCE (Straight, smooth)
Two or exactly, the same number of points points.
DICE (“Dice”, dice) Two identically numbered dice (“bones”).
DIE Symbols on the dice, a cube with the numbers 1 to 6 on each side.
DIME BET Rate $1000
To the right of the dealer place to the played cards.
DOLLAR BET (bet a Dollar) Bet $1
DOUBLE DISCARD (Double bounce) Fraudulent technique in Draw Poker. Example: a player orders the three cards, while throwing two cards on the table. And those cards go into the discard tray. In the head the player remembers them and gets their ordered three cards instead of two. He appears”, lisak”. Further, the best choice to create the right combination, and gets rid of or throws too much is not the right card. On the basis of this principle, there may exist different variants of this fraud.
DOUBLE DOWN (Double, double)
In black Jack, the condition in the rules for players when they can double your original bet and receiving only one additional card. Making “double” the Player turns over their first two cards and places equal bet next to the original bet.
DRAW In Draw Poker, the second round of cards dealt.
DRAW button (Button) In video poker this button allows the player to draw five new cards.
DROP BOX (Drop box) The gaming tables box which drops the cash, markers and chips.
EAR the Inclination angle of a playing card to demonstrate its value or location.
EDGE (“Edge” or “Ceiling”) The maximum advantage of the opponent.
EVEN MONEY (even money) Rates which are paid in the same amount of chips that you have put i.e. 1:1. Usually just to your bet is added to an equal column of the same chips.
EXPECTED WIN RATE (Expected win rate) the Percentage of the total stake money for the amount you expect to win or lose over time.
E. R. man, Too, and anchor man.
FACE CARDS (“Face” cards)
The Jack (Knave), Queen (Spades), King (King) and other value cards.
FAMILY POT (Family basket) In Poker, when all decide to make a contribution to the pot.
FAT (Bold player) So-called “fat cats” in the casino.
FIFTH STREET (Fifth street) In seven card stud poker, the third round of betting is called fifth street because players have five cards. In Hold’em Poker, ‘fifth street’ is the fifth card on the Board and the final, the last round of bets.
FIRST BASE (First base) On the table for game in black Jack, the extreme left of the player position from the dealer is considered the first “base.” This position starts dealing the cards.
FISH the same thing and sucker; apple mark.
FISHING (“Fishing”)
The player who remains in the poker longer desired is usually considered to be “fishing” to the card or two cards that will bring significant gains.
FLASH Method WORK with marked cards, using a blackout or shaded parts of the figure or color of shirts cards.
FLASHING (“Glare”) the Practice of demonstration top card of the deck by the dealer agent.
FLATS the Cubes that were cut or trimmed to increase the probability and frequency of occurrence of a number.
FLAT TOP Slot machines, which is always bounded, continuous jackpot, not a progressive.
FLICK The same as glim.
FLOP IN Hold ‘em, three cards are dealt face up in the center of the table.
FLUSH (“Flash”, “Color”) In Poker, a hand consisting of cards of one suit.
FRONT MONEY Cash or Bank checks depositonline in a casino to establish credit lines the player is playing on the money.
FOLD In Poker, when a player announces that he leaves the game and does not increase the rate.
FOUL (Dirty cards) In Pai Gow Poker, the hand is considered dirty when two card hand is higher than the combination card set of five cards or when cards incorrect number of cards. “Dirty” cards are always dealt a losing card.
FOUR OF A KIND, QUADS (four of a kind) Four cards of the same value.
FOURTH STREET (Fourth street) In seven card Stud poker the second betting round is called “fourth street” because players have four cards. In Hold ‘em Poker “fourth street” called the fourth card on Board or a third round of betting.
FULL HOUSE (Full house) In Poker, a hand consisting of three cards of the same value (rank) and a pair of cards of the same value (rank).
G-NOTE Bill or note is $1,000.
GAMBLER’S COP Method of folding maps. Cm. Standard crooked moves.
GEORGE Player, giving lots of tips, its opposite Tom. These words are also used for encoded information exchange. For example: question: “did you see George today?” may mean that the rate should increase.
GEM-BACKS Called “limitless” design pattern shirt playing cards manufactured by Gemaco Playing Card Company.
GLIM Any reflective object, which is capable of reflecting index (value) cards. Also called: shiner, reflector, light, flick…
GLIMPSING the same thing and peeking.
GREEN (Green) Color of chips to indicate the advantages of the chips for 25 (dollars, pounds, rubles). According to international practice.
GOING PAROLI the same thing and parlay.
GRIND a Small, little game.
HAND (Hand) The distribution or the distribution of the cards you hold in your hands or everything that happens in the game between the shuffle of cards from the shuffle to the shuffle (shuffle your deck).
HARD HAND (“Hard” distribution)
In black Jack, every hand without the participation of aces or a hand that contains no aces playing as 11. If the ACE of ACE is present, but its cost is counted as 1. The opposite of a soft hand (soft hand).
HAND MUCKER Scam that specializiruetsya on manipulation of cards using sleight of hand. Usually throwing up and withdrawal of cards from the game.
HAND MUCKING Any technique used for tossing and fence cards from the game.
HEAVY HAND Distribution, consisting of one or more good cards, unknown opponents.
HIGH POKER (High poker)
Standard Poker which is compared to low poker or lowball low ball. In the “high” poker hand wins the hand with the highest cards.
HIGH ROLLER  A major player.
HIT In black Jack, is a word or movement means the desire of the player to another card. The resulting map also called a – hit.
HOLD’EM The kind of poker game, poker game. Class of poker games.
HOLDING YOUR OWN (Keep his own) In a situation where chances are not equal desire to save his bet.
HOLDOUT MACHINE a Mechanical device, wearable crook t used for input or output card or cards in the game. Cm. Holdouts.
HOLDOUT MAN Card fraud, specialized in the manipulation of at least one good map. The selection and the launch of this card or cards in the game to achieve its benefits. Cm. Holdouts.
HOLE CARD Black Jack (USA) dealer, put face down. In Stud and Hold ‘em poker cards are dealt to each player is lying face down.
HOT The player who is on a payline or a slot machine that pays out the winnings.
HOUSE EDGE (the casino) The percentage of each bet you make and the fact that the casino receives. Payout of winning bets is less than the set rate, then the casino makes a profit.
INSIDE BETS (inside bets) Roulette bets placed on any number or small combination of numbers.
INSIDE STRAIGHT (inside straight) In Poker, four cards in the hand to gather it straight where the straight can be assembled with only one hand.
INSURANCE (Insurance)
In black Jack strip on the table where should be done the insurance. Insurance is offered to the player by the dealer only when the dealer’s up card is an ACE. Insurance bet wins if the dealer does have “blackjack” and is paid in double size. And loses if the dealer does not have blackjack.
JACKPOT (Jack Pot) Big win slot machine. Accumulated amount that is played out and gets someone.
JOKER (Joker) 53-th card in the deck, sometimes used as a wild card.
JUICE a Term used to describe a system with marked. The labels on these cards can see and discern only by a trained eye. There are also people who use this term to refer to marked cards in a General sense.
KENO BOARD (Scoreboard keno)
The big electronic Board showing the winning numbers in Keno.
KENO LOUNGE (Hall keno) The main part of the casino, where they play Keno.
KENO RUNNER A casino worker who brings bet Keno with where You are in the place where they made a record and brings the payout for winning tickets.
KEPPLINGER HOLDOUT Device holdout machine invented in San Francisco playing a crook named Kepplinger. I believe that this machine is the most difficult holdout machine ever invented.
KIBITZER a Spectator, a spectator of the game who used to peep, to glance at the playing cards of visitors, comment the game, give advice to players.
KICKER In Draw Poker, the one who leaves the highest card that is not straight or flush, usually an ACE or a king.
LIGHT the same as glim.
LIMIT (limit, max)
In Poker or any game in which there is a fixed maximum rates, that you can do at one time.
LOAD UP (Download) The maximum allowed number of coins per spin is allowed in video games and slot machines.
LOOSE Slot machines that lose and give the casino only a very small advantage over the player.
LOW POKER (Low poker) Also called lowball, is Poker in which the total pot is composed of a minimum winnings per hand.
LOWBALL form of poker. The object of the game, except the winning money is the last trick and the smallest card dealt or the smallest possible card.
LUCK (Luck, luck), an Imaginary substance or category that is used to attract more players unknowingly funding the gambling industry worldwide.
LUMINOUS READERS with Marked deck for fraudulent activity. The labels on the maps are invisible to the naked eye, but visible through a red filter that can be mounted in glasses, contact lenses, protective visor etc.
MARKER (Marker) A check of the player, which can be written at the gaming tables. The man who has established credit at a casino. Token – the token to be installed in a “tree” of the roulette to indicate the cost of colored chips in the game. The profession of the employee serving the game on the billiard table.
MECHANIC (“Mechanic”) a con man, specializing in the use of sleight of hand. Card mechanic – manipulates cards, dice-mechanic (“Cube” mechanic) manipulates the cubes.
MECHANIC”S GRIP Method of holding in the hand a deck of cards. This method allows the dishonest dealer to do their job. This method is often used by card mechanics, hence the name.
MINI-BACCARAT (Mini-baccarat)
The version of baccarat played fewer players, dealers, but technically follows the same rules as in Baccarat.
MUCK (Package) (1) Maneuver soiling the cards. (2) Folded cards played, saying: “throw your hand into the muck” means that the blurred cards are in the “bump”.
MUCKER (Packlist) Cm. Hand mucker.
MUCKING (Package) Cm. Hand mucking.
NATURAL (Natural hand)
Black Jack natural distribution is a situation where two dealt cards total 21 points. One card is definitely an ACE and the other a value of 10, i.e. 10, J, Q or K. Sometimes Natural means himself black Jack. In Baccarat, a natural distribution is the sum of two cards is 8 or 9 component.
NECKTYING Special method of distribution maps, based on the tilt of the deck during a hand in such a way that the front edge of the card visible to the players. This tilt angle allows you to hide the top card of the deck. Cm. Second Deal.
NUMBER POOL A range of numbers or numbers, you choose from for the game. The typical range of numbers for Lotto from 1-60, 1-80 Keno from.
NUT A fixed amount a player expects to win per day or higher amount, which the player intends to operate in a casino.
ODDS The odds ratio. Chances.
OFFICE Secret signal or sign the player to an accomplice.
ON A RUSH Cm. rush.
OPEN In Poker the player who makes the first bet.
OUTSIDE BETS Roulette bets, which are placed over the area of the playing field (layout). For example, the rate of 12 to 18.
OVERHAND RUN-UP Cards folded after the application surface of shuffling, seven-shuffle (overhand shuffle).
OVERLAY Good rate, which leads to the advantage over the level of profitability of the casino.
PAIR (Pair) Two cards of the same rank.
PAPER Marked deck of cards.
PAPER PLAYER a Cheater uses marked cards.
PAINTER Cheat with marked cards.
PALM Any way to cover the card or cards with the use of the hands. The purpose of this cover is the cards I / o cards in the game, stealing the card or run “lesaka”, the extra cards.
PASS (Pass) Pass. “Give up,” the rejection of the bet.
PAT In draw poker distribution, not requiring any more cards are dealt. In black Jack the cards are dealt, which ensures not too much, worth at least 17 points.
PARLAY to bet on and subsequently win it. It’s also called: “going paroli”, or “running limit”.
PAST POSTING Attempt (usually a team attempt) put or deliver a bet after the game or the time after which no more bets are accepted.
PAT HAND IN black Jack is a hand in which a player didn’t score above 21, but I do not get at least 17 points. Distribution of less than 17 points on the box.
PAY CYCLE Theoretical expression, denoting the number of games required by the machine (machine) to complete a cycle of all possible winning and non-winning combinations.
Line in the window of the slot machine where the symbols are aligned on the wheel. At slot machines can have up to 8 paylines, though the normal is only one.
PAYOFF Your payment and refund the bet.
PAYOUT PERCENTAGE The payout percentage, the percent of each dollar played in a video or slot machine that the machine plans to give to the player. The payout percentage is usually 100% minus the casino.
PAYOUT TABLE Installation in video poker or the poker machine, which States that every winning hand will be paid played a number of tokens or credits. A sign on the machine indicating something.
PEEKING Diverse deceptive technique invisible peeping the cards. Also called glimpsing.
PEGGING Action in which the shirt card mark is drawn (similar to a puncture), a device called a “pegger” (pager). This device resembles a small of stepler.
PIT BOSS Man, watching over all the games and the behavior of casino personnel on pita during the work shift. Pit bosses are watching the fraud that resolves disputes game situations and provides food and services free V. I. P. persons.
PLAYING HEAVY game with a good extra cards on hand. In Poker, for example: the fraudster may give yourself a good extra card and play the best five out of six in their hands.
POT In the game poker, the amount of money that is going into the middle of the table from the entrance of each player, their bets and raises rates. Sweat is owed to the winner of the game.
PRESSING The player presses, instructs on the bet when it wins or does not take rate from the field that just won.
PROBABILITY (Probability) Indicator of the probability of the event. The probability, expressed as the numbers 0 or 1. The probability of impossible events is expressed by 0 and the possibility of the event is expressed 1.
PROGRESSIVE (Progression) Slot machine, in which the potential jackpot increases with each next input token. Once the progressive jackpot is hit, the starting number euliroetis.
PUSH (“At the money”) The same number of points the dealer and the player, “with their” bet of the player remains intact. Synonyms: A tie. No one wins or loses.
PUSH-OFF SECOND deal Method the second card. Two cards in the deck move as one. The other hand takes one second, the bottom card of the two, and pushes the top card back in the deck. Thus, handing over a second card.
QUADS (four of a kind) Four cards of the same rank.
QUALIFIER-IN poker, the minimum standard distribution, which can be distributing with a minimum set of cards that can give the right to receive part of the pot.
RABBIT HUNTING Please show the following card or cards, if the game continued.
RACK Plastic container that you carry, transporterowych plastic casino chips or tokens slot machines high cost.
RAISE (“Raise”) In poker, the player increases his initial bet or raises more for the remaining players.
RAKE The money that the casino withdraws from every hand in poker. This is usually a percentage (5-10%) from the pot after each betting round. The money taken from each pot the casino. And games with an average or high levels of the maximum rates of sweat usually charged a certain time (minute-by-minute or hourly) rake. For Atlantic city is usually low limit (low limit) the rake is 10% of the pot above the 4 dollar maximum.
RANK (Rank) The cost of the card, rank.
READERS (“Readers”) Reader with marked cards.
RED The most common or accepted the color of chips worth 5 units of money.
RED-BLACK BET (Bet “red” “black”)
In roulette the bets are calculated on the loss of “black” or “red” winning numbers. Bets are placed on the field an equal chance.
REEL Wheel inside a slot machine, on which the printed characters. The number of wheels of a slot machine may be different, but the usual is considered to be three wheels or tracks.
REFLECTOR (Reflector) is the same as glim.
RFB The big players are awarded free hotel rooms, meals and drinks.
RIFFLE STACKING the Cards folded after the application of corrugated shuffling (riffle shuffle)
RIFFLE test (Test corrugated) Method of testing of the deck on the marked. Card reformat before nemorhaedus eye view to drawing up a card. If the shirt pattern is changed or there is a clear difference, then it speaks of kreplenoe cards. Some species are marked may not be detected by the test slab.
RIVER (“River”) The last card dealt in Stud or Hold’em Poker. In seven card stud poker game up to the fifth of the final betting round is called “entering into “the river.”
ROUND (Round) In card games a round refers to one round of the hand or round of betting.
ROYAL FLUSH (“Royal flash”)
In poker, straight flush starting with an ACE, the highest winning combination.
RUSH to Be “on a rush” means to be very fortunate and lucky to win a large number of hands than you lose. Extreme luck.
SAN FRANCISCO HOLDOUT, Too, that Kepplinger holdout.
SAWDUST JOINT casino Unpretentious.
SCORE a Win.
SCOUT a Person who studies a team or a player and reports the results of their observations.
SECOND hand DEALING the second card from the top.
SESSION (Session) The session is called series player’s games.
SET In Pai Gow Poker, the players divide their seven cards into two different piles 2 and 5 cards each.
SEVENTH STREET (“Seventh street”)
In seven card stud poker, the fifth and final round of betting is called “seventh street” as players in the hands of 7 cards.
SHILL a Player hired by a casino or a team of players whose job it is to make bets and to incite, to aggravate his game of passion in the room for the table and thus “spin” of the player to the game or a great game. Same as stick.
SHINER (Reflector) is the same as glim.
SHOE (“Shoe”) Plastic or wooden box, which invested a deck of cards for distribution to them in games that use more than two decks of playing cards.
SHORT DECK (Short, short deck) a Deck that is missing one or more cards. This deck is created in order to throw or put those cards into the deck later. Knowledge of the absence of any certain cards gives some advantage to the cheater.
SHOWDOWN (“Showdown”) In Poker, after the last round, betting round, remaining players must show their cards to determine the winner.
SHUFFLE (Shuffle, shuffle) Shuffle or shuffle. Mixing cards of the dealer before each hand.
SHUTTER A window that closes on a reusable bingo card. “Shutter” can stretch to refer to the advertised numbers.
SINGLETON (“Single card”) In Poker a card that is only in the hand by rank.
SIXTH STREET (“Sixth street”) In seven-card stud poker, the fourth round or the round of betting called “sixth street” as the players hands have 6 cards.
SLOW ROLLING to buy time for the announcement of the winner in poker.
SNAPPER IN black Jack an ACE and a card worth 10 points. The same thing that natural.
SOFT HAND (a”Soft” hand”) In Black Jack, every hand consisting of an ACE is considered as 11 is called soft hand. For example: hand that has an ACE and a 6, is called soft 17.
SORTS Method with marked cards based on the sorting cards into groups. Groups of cards labeled the same way, Usually with marked choice of method is based on the common factory defects decks.
SPIT (Dust. squirt, spit, drop) a Small amount of money.
SPOOKING the Practice of spying from behind the dealer’s hidden card or cards.
SQUEEZERS is an Old term meaning the index playing cards.
SPOT Any number from 1 to 80 that a player has selected on his ticket in Keno. The term also refers to, points to a number, noted all of the rooms in the ticket.
STACK Group is secretly pre-laid out cards in a specific order.
STACKING Secretly laid out the cards in the deck. So they “went out” from the deck during the hand.
STAND (“Stand”) In black Jack, then the failure of the future set of cards.
STICK the same thing and shill.
STIFF In black Jack, the hand in which the card set will result in overkill. The same is true when the set of 20 from 16.
STRADDLE GRIP Way of holding in the hands a deck of cards that allows you to deal the second card from the bottom of the deck.
STEAL In Poker to win the pot bluffing.
STRAIGHT In Poker, a hand consisting of five cards in sequence of order of ranks. In poker, a hand consisting of five cards of consecutive ranks.
STRAIGHT FLUSH In Poker, a hand consisting of five cards in sequence of ranks and the same suit.
STRAIGHT KENO The main classic game of Keno is played with a selection of individual numbers on the tickets.
STREAK BREAKER is the same as that bustout dealer.
STRIKE SECOND deal Method the second card.
SURRENDER (“surrender”) Black Jack refuses to execute a bet or the game for half the original bet wagered. In roulette, losing half of the bet on equal chances in case of a winning bet the 0.
TELL (“Cabling”, “beacons”), Any form of extradition, transfer of important information “cabling”. The player can “blush” when he’s bluffing, etc.
TELL PLAY the run game with the active use of careful observation and study the behavior of the players or the croupier (black Jack) and thus try to “read” pertinent information on body language.
THIRD BASE (third base) The third “base”. Black Jack is the area, the betting area closest to the right hand of the dealer, the box will play before any cards are dealt to the dealer.
THREE CARD MONTE, the Old way of cheating in which a person shuffles three cards on the table. One of these cards is the “money” card (“money card”). Players try to guess which of the three cards is the “money”. The principle that “thimbles”.
THIRD STREET (third street) In seven card stud poker, the first round of betting is called “third street” for the reason that players have three cards on hand.
THREE OF A KIND (“three”) Three cards of the same rank.
TOM is Not good, the miser, not giving “tips” player. Its opposite George.
TOKE “Tip” the dealer data in the form of money or chips.
TOUCH WAND The device of the account of points in some video game machines the Keno device of choice.
TREY Trey, wood, fleet, box
TRIPS (“three”) In Poker, three cards of the same rank.
TRUE ODDS (a real chance) The ratio of the chances, expressed in number of times one event to the number of times other incident events. This factor in a casino usually is not a real chance.
TWO PAIR (Two pairs) In poker, the combination of a set of two sets of pairs.
UNDERLY Bad bet, an event in which spent more money than in this case dictated or justified by probability.
UPCARD The dealer in blackjack, the position, open the face-up for viewing by all players, before or at the beginning of the game.
USPC Abbreviation of the company: the US Playing Card Company (Cincinnati, Oh).
VEST HOLDOUT the holdout Device machine hiding on his chest. Usually this device is placed in the lining of the sleeve or jacket.
VIGORISH The percentage or Commission that rally or confiscated in favor of the casino.
V. I. P. A major player that offers a large set of free services.
WALL MAN the Member of team of scams in three card monte. This person is responsible for surveillance and spying.
WAY TICKET In Keno, a ticket that groups different numbers to create more than one winning combination.
WHALE a Player with seriously-high financial capacity, which try to enter into negotiations about increasing the maximum permitted rate in the game and the “uncomfortable” for even the largest casino.
WHITE The most commonly used color for chips in denominations of 1 monetary unit.
WHITE-ON-WHITE (white on White) Method with marked cards. Usually the scammer uses white correction fluid or a felt-tip pen and makes marks them on the white edges of the card backs. These white marks can be seen only under a certain angle. Usually these white label do not reflect the light as it reflects all other cards.
WILD CARD A Joker or other card that can be used as any other card to form the combination in the distributed cards.
The WSOP Acronym and the World Series of Poker (World championship Poker).