Floor Observation


Author: Jim Goding (Las-Vegas, USA)
Website: http://www.casinosurvops.com/
Email: jimgoding@gmail.com
Russian translation: Vadym Barsukov (Ukraine)

Floor Observation should be done by Supervisors, or on specific assignments by Supervisors or the Director. Random observation, in person on the floor, is not done by Investigators.
The major purpose of floor observation is to locate activities or trouble spots to which cameras can be directed and recording of the activity made. In rare cases, floor observation is done to supplement CCTV recording in areas of restricted visibility or poor camera coverage.
When on the floor, Supervisors and Investigators do not contact guests or employees, unless a Supervisor feels that an immediate report is needed in order to protect the casino or its guests. Then it may be necessary for the Supervisor to speak to a Security or Department Manager in order to direct attention to a hazardous situation, or report some highly unusual or criminal activity immediately.

When on the casino floor doing observations of any areas, don’t make yourself known to floormen, dealers, change personnel or others. Don’t ride games you are not specifically observing, as you will eventually be noticed by dealers and others, and become recognizable. Don’t get into conversations on the floor with personnel who already know you, such as the shift supervisors or security officers or supervisors.
Your anonymity is valuable. Preserve it.

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