Technical tasks

CCTV System designs for casinos and other business sectors equipment

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). What does is do? Does your casino need a professional surveillance supervision. Why do you need a CCTV system. We are available to assist you to understand, design a system and make a choice of exactly what equipment you need and for your casino and budget. Furthermore, if you are still at the planning stages for your Casino we can help you to buy gaming tables, chips, cards etc.

Pre-opening Consultation for equipment installation

You already have the equipment for surveillance. -Yes. -Great!… But you have no idea how the system should work or how it should be installed. Our consultants will explain to the technical department or installation company how they should configure the system for optimum operation to comply with high International standards.

Correction of installation positions of cameras

All of the equipment has been purchased and installed successfully. That is great. But your “eyes in the sky” do not detect anything wrong as the months pass. You feel your surveillance department is doing nothing. The problem…Perhaps, is that the cameras have been positioned wrongly or that your surveillance staff are only watching the games. But they do not understand what they should be looking for. Who can teach and coach them to work properly.

Coaching surveillance staff (procedures, policies, skills)

Who is watching or checking on the Ancillary workers in your casino work: Security guards, Waitresses, Cleaners, Doormen, Receptionists all of them impossible to track?? Your surveillance department should be observing and reporting everything! If this is not the case, we can adjust the problem.

Routine work for the casino staff working under surveillance supervision

Education and coaching surveillance staff on topics such as usage, working with reports, creating reports and other areas such as networks, data bases, files etc.

Data Base design for the surveillance department

Are you interested in computerizing the departments of the casino. In other words, a data base of players in the surveillance computer and network to other casino departments. Access systems (may be to divided into different levels for personnel).

One time, Annual or quarterly visits to check-up on the functionality of surveillance

2- weeks seminars

3-months adjustment operations of surveillance department

On-line consulting service, seminars, lessons. The service is only available in Russian at present

Organizational work

Diagnose problems of the organization

Clarification by reference to the organization of tasks and problems to offer solutions.
1. Diagnostics of existing video equipment
2. To study the architectural features of the room
3. Diagnosis of expertise and level of training of casino personnel and candidates for work in the service of surveillance. The psychological climate of the staff
4. Diagnosis of the individual, flow, daily systems and processes of all the services casino
5. The report on the conducted diagnostics.

Work with casino employees

The selection of employees. A clear idea of what they should do service international surveillance in order to dispel the rumors, alert the rest of the staff, an incorrect understanding of the essence, necessity and other aspects of the work of this Department. Game procedure — a uniform standard of work of people in the casino and according to who controlled the work, skills, quality, accountability casino hall, and also supported the fair and proper conduct of the game. The same implementation of these procedures on the gaming tables displays the actual class gambling establishments. Standards of work under continual surveillance and the proper use lead to a clear order, and all living objects.
1. Recruitment to work in the service of video surveillance
2. The explanation of the main objectives, tasks of surveillance managers and casino employees
3. Development and maintenance in the action of gaming procedures in the casino tables, as well as organization control, accounting, work of surveillance in this aspect (American roulette, black Jack, Poker).
4. Development and maintenance of the working procedures for other casino employees, working under constant video surveillance, as well as organization control, accounting, work of surveillance in this aspect (the office, the counting room, Closet, Bar, Gaming machines, security Service).

Training of surveillance personnel

Upgraded knowledge of observers and the use of live monitoring operations. The service video will bring profit to the savings of financial assets. Will help to avoid conflicts. Improving the efficiency of the management in respect of indecorous and unwanted visitors. Increase the level of control and cleanliness of operations and cash turnover of a casino.
1. Familiarization with the strategies of the games (American roulette, black Jack, Poker)
2. Learning the signs of fraud on the casino floor
3. Fraud on the American roulette
4. Of cheats black Jack
5. Of cheats Poker
6. General classification of fraud, counting cards in black Jack, terminology, fraud, fraudulent General about technical devices
7. The total of cash circulation in the casino account of loans, closing, counting the revenue of the working day (if any) from the standpoint of the control service of video surveillance.

Installation and setup, hardware reconfiguration of surveillance

Employees of surveillance will become familiar with the equipment and skills to work with him. Listening allows you to make a final conclusion in the dispute. Trained staff will be able to install microphones on their own in the essential areas of listening, in the case of expansion of the institution. Representatives of the company-the installer installs the video equipment connect the equipment in the CCTV system for convenient and correct operation of the video surveillance operators in accordance with international practice. The correct position of cameras and their configuration affects the efficiency and usefulness from the observation of the gaming processes, and also to other objects of observation. Videotapes require some knowledge for their selection in the procurement, planning, usage, distribution and disposal. Quick search, saving all important video information depends on how to work with video. As well as digital media and video files. Knowledge about the work and recording equipment will help extend the life of the equipment, plan for the repair and thus to save money and not be in a situation when emergency broken VCR left unattended (recording), some object of observation and this caused damage to the institution during the time of repair or replacement. Coordinated work of all departments depends on the efficiency of information transmission on the desired command channels, with the help of technical means of information transfer and data.
1. Introduction. Main types of modern video equipment. CCTV system (Closed Circuit Television). Recommendations for use of equipment
2. Audition. Proper installation of the microphones on gaming tables. Recommended places mandatory listening
3. The location of the video equipment, which must be equipped for video surveillance. Everything about the video room
4. Positioning of the cameras, except for positioning on the gaming tables
5. The positioning of cameras at game tables (American roulette, black Jack, Poker)
6. Advising on the location and connection of video equipment inside the room surveillance system CCTV
7. Videos. The selection, use, storage, accounting, etc. 8. Working with video files, digital recording devices. The use, archiving, monitoring, etc.
9. Video equipment. Operation and maintenance of equipment. Reporting on the work of video surveillance equipment, accounting
10. Connection. Telephone. Radio coverage. Network solutions.

Training of personnel of the casino surveillance department, launch and establish the daily work of the service

Bringing order and clear correct work of the team of surveillance.
1. Order service
2. Regulations, standards, procedures, codes of records (international system)
3. Teamwork. Explanation of the work, spirit and relationships within the Department. Psychology and ethics inside the room
4. Explanation of assistance and cooperation with the casino management
5. The efficiency of surveillance. The way of her highest achievements
6. The economic essence and profitability of the service
7. Structure and chain of command in the Department of surveillance in General and in relation to other departments of the casino.
8. Cooperation and work with the heads of different departments of the institution (if the casino is part of the entertainment complex and CCTV surveillance covers the whole territory of the complex)
9. Cooperation with casino owners and senior management of the institution
10. Focus and control the attention of the CCTV operator. Skills and techniques
11. A monitoring and reporting
12. Duties and responsibilities for the work done. Method of service management in this aspect. The effect of “covered” holes. Murphy’s law.
13. The work of surveillance during special events and promotions. Holidays, anniversaries, sweepstakes, etc.
14. Procedure video of counting cash from the gaming tables (in the case of using the system startup cash in drop boxes or other tables necessary).

Additional training and monitoring performance of service surveillance

From the correctness and literacy documentation and reporting of surveillance depends on the fairness and efficiency of the entire institution first and foremost, of management.
1. Slot terminology, the international system of codes
2. Daily report change
3. Report on violations of the procedures of the institution
4. Incident reports
5. Report on enhanced supervision
6. The evaluation report of the game (American roulette, black Jack, Poker)
7. The report of the Villach, loans
8. The essence of overpayments, underpayments, saving financial assets. Keeping and correct registration of accounting for overpayments, underpayments, preservation of financial assets
9. Reporting false information
10. Database.

Training, professional development Manager (Director) of surveillance department

The Department or the Department of surveillance is a team of people and expensive equipment, correct and accurate ability to manage these resources enhances surveillance. Also thanks to the knowledge of the Manager of surveillance is monitoring the work of the Department.
1. Learning the duties and responsibilities of the position. Control procedures for the Department.
2. Maintenance and management reporting Department.
3. Recommendations on organization and management of human resources Department.

Relationship with law enforcement, regulatory, law enforcement bodies and aspects of the law
This knowledge is reasonable behavior will help to avoid possible unexpected problems and harm for a casino, only for officers video, as financial, administrative and in relation to the law in General.
1. The General attitude of surveillance to law enforcement, Supervisory, law enforcement authorities. The Western practice of relations in the CIS
2. Evidence collection, evidence storage and transmission of information.

Non-standard or emergency

Correct the behavior of employees CCTV in such situations can help in the solution of many current, hot situations and also the right video will help you to understand the causes of situations and to reconstruct the scenario in different final outcomes.
1. Thuggish behavior inside the institution
2. A fire at a school
3. Deception on the part of members of the staff of all ranks
4. How to influence employees of surveillance with the aim of obtaining benefits or withholding information
5. Security staff surveillance. The correct behavior of the service employee surveillance in situations of personally threatening the life or health, as well as certain extreme situations.

Possible correspondence consultations, courses or seminars on-site or on-line in Russian