Casinos of Russia


International telephone code of Russian Federation is +7. Please use it if you are trying to call from outside of Russian Federation territory or the CIS countries.

The list of casinos contented from old and newest casinos. You always can find out all old and new addresses and telephone numbers of the house at the moment or before.

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In Russian Federation are some (5 and 1 in Crimea) official gambling zones:

Azov-City gambling zone:

Oracul Casino, Azov-City Gambling Zone, Shcherbinovsky Area, Krasnodar Region, Russia
+7 (800) 1006106
Molchanovka, Shcherbinovskiy Area, Azov-City gambling zone, Krasnodar, Russia
+7 (800) 2002728
Molchanovka, Shcherbinovskiy Area, Azov-City gambling zone,
Krasnodar, Russia
+7 (800) 2008823

Primorye gambling zone

Tigre De Cristal
73 Buhta Muravinaya

Artyom, 692760, Russia
+7 (423) 2468888

Siberian Coin gambling zone:

Altai Palace
Gorno-Altaysk, Altay, Russia
+7 (800) 4441513

Red Meadow gambling zone

Sochi Casino & Resort
51, Esonskaya str., Estosadok, Sochi, Krasnodarskiy kray, Russia
+8 (800) 4440777

Amber gambling zone

(Kulikovo), Kaliningrad region, Russia

Crimea gambling zone (Crimea):

The territory is under sanctions and no decision yet about concrete location from local authorities.