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Here you will have an opportunity to order and to purchase next level of the publications by many authors. This is not just articles it is a part of distance consulting program about casino surveillance. You will receive the articles in electronic documents (Adobe PDF) and if will be appearing any questions or necessarily of addition explanations than you will receive more addition explanations and answers on the questions. Besides, you need just to send the list of demanded themes and one of themes (by our own decision) you will receive forward without pre payment. The article should be paid later. For order the instructions email us, please. You may to suggest any other your own themes and we will help you.We present for sale the articles by following themes (The themes which are sign * marked are already available for purchasing. In Russian only at the moment):

1. Employment procedure and training within surveillance 

1.1* Filling out the employment application forms. The employment interview and recruitment for surveillance dept.
1.2 Punters, visitors of casino.
1.3*Basic routines, tasks for the surveillance (detailed explanation of the routines and tasks which the surveillance should perform).

2. The processes and procedures for the casino floor staff

2.1*Black Jack (example of recommended procedures).
2.2*Poker (example of recommended procedures).
2.3*American Roulette (example of recommended procedures).
2.4*Cage (example of recommended procedures).
2.5*Counting room (example of recommended procedures).
2.6 Cloak room (example of recommended procedures).
2.7 Casino bar (example of recommended procedures).
2.8 Slots (example of recommended procedures)..
2.9*Security (example of recommended procedures).
2.10 Strategies of the casino games (excluding Black Jack).
2.11*Identification of cheats on the casino floor .
2.12*Cheat moves on American roulette.
2.13*Cheat moves on Poker.
2.14*Cheat moves on Black Jack
2.15 Basics cheats on the slot machines.
2.16 Card counters.
2.17 Fills \ Credits on the floor .
2.18 Closing gaming tables procedure / Calculation of financial results from surveillance point of view.

3. Operating of the surveillance equipment

3.1 Types of modern equipment used.
3.2 Recommendations of using the equipment.
3.3 Audio listening (proper installation of the microphones).
3.4*Placement and proper positions for the cameras (excluding gaming tables).
3.5*Placement and proper positions for the cameras (on the gaming tables).
3.6 How the equipment have to operate, CCTV system.
3.7 How the CCTV have to protect entertainment places (enterprises).
3.8 Video tapes, using, preservation options, filing.
3.9 Reports for the equipment.
3.10*Checklist of the surveillance staff.
3.11 Internal telephone system in a casino.

4. Operating a surveillance department

4.1 Policies and procedures.
4.2 Teamwork.
4.3 Assistance to the casino management.
4.4 Effectiveness of surveillance, purposes and necessarily.
4.5 Economical benefits from the surveillance department`s activities.
4.6 Structure and chain of commands of the surveillance room.
4.7 Liaisons with others departments.
4.8 Liaisons with casino owners.

5. Routine work of the surveillance room

5.1 Options of the placement surveillance room and inner (non-video) equipment.
5.2 Concentration and attention control.
5.3 Supervision and reporting.
5.4 Responsibilities description.
5.5 Protecting casino guests.
5.6 Psychology and ethics inside the surveillance room.
5.7 “Camouflaged holes” effect.
5.8 Murphy law and proper activities within it.
5.9 Surveillance operating within holiday or lottery actions in a casino.
5.10 Surveillance recording procedure of money cash counting.

6. Reports

6.1Gaming terminology (over 160 terms, available in English).
6.2 Writing the reports (codes).
6.3 Types of reports.
6.4 Daily shift report.
6.5 Procedure violation report.
6.6 Incident report.
6.7 Wrong reporting.
6.8 Close watch report.
6.9 Fill / Credit report.
6.10 Data bases.

7. Relationship with law enforcement agencies and law

7.1 Basic relations between casino surveillance and state enforcement agents.
7.2 Gathering of evidences, preservation and turn over the information procedure.
7.3 “Laws” in former Soviet republics and international standards.

8. Extra ordinary situations. 

8.1 Gangster attack on a casino.
8.2 Fire in the casino.
8.3 Fraudulent activity of the casino management.
8.4 Attempted bribery for wrongful informing.

9. Personal safety of the surveillance staff.

9.1 Correct and fear activities of the surveillance staff under threat to surveillance member`s life or health. (Watch your Back!).

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