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Antich - 20 January 21:02

Doux, j’adore sa chatte. Prends mon telephone et venir, passer du temps together, mais l’un comme triste.

Milford - 5 March 13:09

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Termeer - 6 January 13:31

I like Lady Sonia.

Modesto - 29 March 02:38

I have never seen tampons with applicators my wife doesn't use them and I also haven't seen them at all in stores here in Austria. I noticed them first whilst emergency tampon shopping with my wife in the UK. What are the benefits of those applicators? I mean, obviously it can be done without them and they add extra cost to the production and extra waste to be disposed. Is it a cultural thing, that some countries or regions think of the vulva as dirty and thus makes tampons so that you don't have to touch it?

Gerety - 12 September 17:13

Perfect! Exactly what my wife and a friend do ! She rides him and I come up from behind and enter her ! Amazing experience feeling the cock filled cunt while I fuck her arse! I have to think of painting the ceiling etc just to stop myself coming so quickly!

Freddy - 26 January 23:30

I VERY MUCH AGREE WITH THE PANACEA HYPOTHESIS I had nausea and stomach cramps last night and was tossing and turning in agony, masterbation cured my cramps when no other medicine I had could, AND put me to sleep! What great advice for cramps!