International casino and security recruitment service

All who can be concerned in the service. Please, download the application form of the CV, carefully fill it out and send it to our email Much desirable in both languages English and Russian. Your CV will be placed on the webpage absolutely free of charge.
Download application form of the CV.

The information about all your new CVs and vacancies will be resent through our newsletter and in all social networks from the name of Vadym Barsukov.

Casino Surveillance Specialists:

Curriculum vitae
Download in pdf. format
Soeun Phearun, Combodia NEW!
Von Ryan Eusebio, Philippines
Aibyl Escobedo, Philippines
Chhour-Vita, Cambodia
Valery Kazakov, Russia
Sergei Gul`chuk, Ukraine
Sivan Cohen, Israel
Thomas Aprianto, Indonesia
Milorad Stojlovic, Serbia
Yevgeniy Khrokalo, Ukraine
Sotnikov Artur Viktorovich, Russia
Jorge Pablo Cardetti, Argentina
Karlo Beglarishvili, Georgia
Anna Krupenko, Russia
Aleksandr Zarecki, Lithuania
Russell Alexander Clark, RSA
Guven Gultekin, Turkey

Technician Casino Surveillance Specialists NEW!:

Curriculum vitae
Download in pdf. format
Junnie Buenaflor Jr., Philippines NEW!

Top Casino Managers:

Curriculum vitae
Download in pdf. format
Daniel Munteanu, Romania
Yuriy Rudakov, Russia
Sergei Mokrushin, Russia

Floor Casino Managers, Shift Managers, Pit-Bosses:

Curriculum vitae
Download in pdf. format
Law Chee Mun, Malaysia NEW!
Obert Hwingwiri, Zimbabwe
Zlatko Andonov, FYR Macedonia
Maria Cristina Lita Enriquez, Zambia
Chris Tianto, Indonesia
Djamila Carvallo, Venezuela
Erny Tan, Indonesia
Nikolaos Troulinos, Greece
Alexey Markov, Russia
Vladimir Vlasenko, Ukraine
Guven Gultekin, Turkey

Inspectors, Dealers:

Curriculum vitae
Download in pdf. format
George Nader, Egypt NEW!
Barrie Deonaldo, Philippines
Von Ryan Eusebio, Philippines
Anna Podolian, Ukraine
Aibyl Escobedo, Philippines
Aji Darmawan, Indonesia
Chhour-Vita, Cambodia
Simon Mihajlovikj, Macedonia
Yoeng Sina, Cambodia
Elena Daragan, Ukraine
Taras Schevchenko, Ukraine
Natalia Drozdova, Ukraine
Reason Foleme, Zimbabwe
Joyce Opoku, Ghana
Roman Bodurdinov, Ukraine

Slot Floor Attendants:

Curriculum vitae
Download in pdf. format
Angelino Gonzaga Fernandez, Philippines
Paulina Nonceba, South Africa

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